100% VAT Compliant

Why do businesses choose SpySugar for accounting?

SpySugar Accounting

Say Marhaba to VAT-Ready Accounting?

With SpySugar Accounting, you can create and complete business transactions, manage your finances, and file your VAT returns in a few clicks. And the best part? It’s 100% VAT compliant!

Everything you need to stay VAT compliant.


Create an account in a flash

Enter your TRN and user name, and then choose your payment gateways. You’re good to go! SpySugar will compile your transactions and help you stay on top of your cashflow.

The Right Treatment for each Customer

Handling customers from multiple countries? You can use VAT treatments to divide your customers into VAT registered, non-VAT registered and non-GCC entities.

Collect and Record VAT on Transactions

Record the place of supply and select appropriate VAT rates for the goods or services involved in a transaction. You can also mark goods as excise and services as digital services.